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Treasure Chest Thursday

Bible  Ira Daniel Ames (1842-1895) Cornelia Palon (1847-1893)

This family Bible belonged to grandmother Nancy Theo AMES.   I presume it originally belonged to her mother, Cornelia Palon. It is an American Bible Society Bible dated 1875 with the information below written in it. It is hard to read in some parts because the handwriting is faded. Any information on these AMES or PALON families of Albion, Dane County, Wisconsin would be appreciated. 

Transcription of Bible pages:

BIRTHS Albion, Dane Co, Wisconsin
Ira Daniel AMES was born July 4, 1842
Cornelia Aeilia PALON was born April 29, 1847
Charles Henry AMES was born October 5, 1870
Ruth Frances AMES was born January 11, 1872
Chauncy Elmer AMES was born November 15, 1873

George Elbert AMES was born March 7, 1878[?] [or 1876?] in Johnstown, Rock Co, Wisconsin
Hiram Eldson or Edson AMES was born September 24, 1880 in Milton, Rock Co, Wisconsin
Nancy Theo AMES was born January 4, 1883 in Milton, [same]
William Scott AMES was born October 9, 1884 in Milton, [same]
Rosie B. AMES was born March 14, 1889 in Milton, [same]
Marvin Franklin AMES was born November 2, 1890 in Rock Co., Wisconsin

25 Ira D. AMES married to
21 Cornelia A. PALON on June 25, 1868

27 Otis E. BROWN was married to
15 Frankie R. AMES October 13, 1887

[Inserted here between the marriages:]
Mrs. C AMES died March 12, 1829
Mrs. C AMES died March 2, 1893

25 Charles H. AMES was married to
20 Mary SKEIGELMEYER September 15, 1895

27 Hiram E. AMES was married to
29 Mary JOHNSON December 4, 1906

Ludwig HANSEN was married to Nancy Theo AMES March 16, 1904
Blanche HANSEN was married to Bill STEVENS July 25, 1942

Mrs. C. AMES died March 2, 1893
Chancy E. AMES died May 10, 1886
Frankie B. BROWN died October 27, 1891
Ira D. AMES died September 21, 1895
Nancy Theo AMES HANSEN WORTHING died March 30, 1928
James PALON died August 24, 1887
Sarah S. CAMPBELL died August 1, 1882
[There is one other name which looks like:]
_____ W SCOUILLE or _______ W S COUILLE died November 15, 1852 (Note: In my research I have found a woman named Ruth Scoville Palmer who was a sister to Cornelia Palon according to a newspaper article. Also, Cornelia Palon was living with the Scoville's in 1850 but I have not figured out the connection.)

Source:  Bible now in posession of the author. Was passed down from Cornelia Palon Ames to Nancy Theo Ames Worthing to Grace Worthing Fermazin to Nancy R. Fermazin.

© 2010, copyright Nancy Fermazin

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