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Cornelia or Orthera Palon: Who is she?

I have been researching my great great grandmother Cornelia A. Palon.
Objective of Research Problem: Finding the parents of my great-great grandmother Cornelia A. Palen

Maybe I found her. If anyone has any suggestions please offer:
Who is her mother?
Who is her father?
Why is she living with the Scoville's in 1850?

Ruth Palmer said in a newspaper article in 1893 that Mrs. Ira Ames (Cornelia A Palon) was my "eldest sister". (Ruth Palmer nee Scoville per IGI)

1850 living with George and Mary Scoville in Brooklyn Greene Wisconsin
1860 not with the George Scoville family. George is now married to Altheah. Where would a 13 year old girl be?

Cornelia Palon: Born: 9 April 1847 Died: 7 March 1893

1. Born 1847, no state listed
2. 1850 US Federal Census lists Name: Orthera C Palin Age: 3 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1847 Birth Place: Michigan
3. Ames Society has birth for Cornelia Palon as Roland,Houghton, Michigan but they gave no reference
4. 1870 US Federal Census as Caroline Ames born in Pennsylvania
5. 1880 US Federal Census as Nelia Ames born in Michigan
6. This is same person as Bible list marriage date for Cornelia Palon and Ira Ames as 25 Jun 1868. Death Certificate states born in Jefferson County Wisconsin.
7. Through deductive reasoning came to conclusion Cornelia A. Palon was half sister to Ruth Scovell (Janesville Gazette article) and through inductive reasoning that Cornelia A. Palon may be Orthera C. Palon (1850 US Federal Census) born in Michigan.

Janesville Gazette: 6 May 1893
Mrs. Ruth Palmer Gets Word After Four Months of Mrs. Ames' Fate:
Details concerning the death of Mrs. Ira Ames near Milton Junction by starvation and exposure last -winter are sought by Mrs. Ruth Palmer, of Lyniien, Whatcom county, Washington. Mrs. Palmer has just hoard of the death through a. paragraph from the Gazette reprinted in Portland, Oregon, papers and says: "I suppose her to be my Elder sister whom I have notheard from in years." It will be remembered that Mrs. Ames and her little daughter died in a ramshackle cabin having been with, out food for several days. The child was buried in a rough box by the father.&nbsp;<strong>[Sister of Cornelia Palon Ames. Found her in IGI as Ruth Scoville]</strong>

1850 US Federal Census Brooklyn, Greene, Wisconsin</strong>
Cornelia A. Palon (1847 - 1893) born in ? Michigan on 09 Apr 1847 and died 7 March 1893 in Lake Koshkonong, Wisconsin. She married Ira Daniel Ames on 25 Jun 1868 in Albion Dane Wisconsin.
They had 10 children ~ Charles Henry Ames, Frankie R. Ames, Chauncey Elbert Ames, George Elliott Ames, Hiram Edison Ames, Rosey Belle Ames, Nancy Theo Ames, William Scott Ames, Marvin Franklin Ames, and Baby Girl (Caroline) Ames.
They lived in Dane County, Rock County, and Jefferson County Wisconsin.

<strong>I found the Orthera C. Palin in the 1850 US Federal Census Brooklyn, Greene, Wisconsin indexed on as Orthera C Palin. She is living with George Scoville and Mary Scoville and:</strong>

George Scovell age 37, born in 1813 in Connecticut, white male, Farmer
Mary Scovell age 32 born 1818 in Kentucky, white female
George Scovell age 11 born in Connecticut
James age 10 born in Connecticut
Amisy age 9 born in Connecticut
Mary L Scovell age 2 months born in Wisconsin
Orthera C. Palin age 3 born in Michigan
Julia Scovelle age 77 born in 1773 in Vermont

<strong>Source Citation:&nbsp;</strong>Year: 1850; Census Place: Brooklyn, Green, Wisconsin; Roll
M432_999; Page: 271; Image: 152.
<strong>Source Information:</strong> 1850 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2005. Original data: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Seventh Census of the United States, 1850. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1850. M432, 1,009 rolls.

I found Orthera C. Palin's sister Roth Scovell in the 1860 US Federal Census in Magnolia Dane Wisconsin.&nbsp;<strong>NO Cornelia A. Palin NO Orthera C. Palin in the household</strong>

George Scoville age 49 born in Connecticut, white male, Farmer Property value
$ 1800; Personal property value $ 500.
Autheah Scoville age 37 born in Vermont
Laura Scoville age 5 born in Wisconsin
Charles Scoville age 1 born in Wisconsin
George Scoville age 20 born in Connecticut, farm laborer
James Scoville age 19 born in Connecticut, farm laborer
Amisy Scoville age 18 born in Connecticut, farm laborer
Roth Scoville age 9 born in Wisconsin
Julia Mc Donald age 17 Servant born in New York
Source Citation:</strong>
<strong>Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Magnolia, Rock, Wisconsin; Roll M653_1430; Page: 453; Image</strong>: 458.
<strong>Source Information:</strong> 1860 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2004. Original data: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Eighth Census of the United States, 1860. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1860. M653, 1,438 rolls.
<strong>Specific Problem</strong>
*Family Bible states born 9 April 1847. No state.
*Family Bible states married Ira D. Ames 25 June 1868.
*Census of 1850 states born in Michigan;
*Death Certificate states born in Jefferson County Wisconsin; Faintly on death certificate it indicates Cornelia Palon mother's maiden name was FINN (There were Finn's living in Dane County but could not find Cornelia with them)
*Census 1870 states born in Pennsylvania ; Enumerated as Caroline
*Census of 1880 states born in Michigan, Enumerated as Nelia
*Have researched Jefferson County Wisconsin and found no birth records. Born before civil records kept. No Palons/Palen/Palin etc living in Jefferson County in 1850. This conflicts with the 1850 census where Orthea C. Palin is living with Scovell family and conflicts with Bible records.
* Looked at marriage records for Green Co WI for 1865 on a hunch. No Ames/Palon Marriages, 1865-1876 FHL US/CAN Film  1266667
* No marriage records filmed by LDS for Albion, Dane, Wisconsin
* No vital records for Albion, Dane, WI filmed by LDS
*No birth records for Jefferson, County, WI prior to 1870 filmed by LDS
* No Palon, Ames, Scovell found in Index to marriages for Jefferson County WI, 1844-1887 FHL US/CAN Film  1275662 Item 4
* No 1850 state census for Greene County Wisconsin
* No church records prior to 1856 for Green County Wisconsin or Albion, Dane, Wisconsin; No Palon births;
* No Green County Wisconsin Deeds filmed
* Examined film 1008267 Marriage index for Houghton County Michigan and no Palon, Ames, or Scovell
* Examined LDS film 126746 for 1850 Houghton County Michigan Census and no Palon, Scoville, Ames
*Family Bible has an entry for George Scoville which is very faint and hard to read with age and acidity to the pages.

Additional Sources:
Family Bible
Janesville Gazette
Death Certificate: Cornelia Ames

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